Highest pass on Iceland

IJsland, Pórshöfn

This morning we were woken up by the captain of our ferry. It was 7.30 and the ferry was going to arrive around 9 o'clock. So we packed our stuff and ate some breakfast in the cafeteria. When looking out of the window we did already see the shore of Iceland very close. Geert did get our van and I had to walk outside and wait at the parking lot. This time it really took a long time before Geert came out the ferry. It was because the van was checked by the security. So it took a little longer, but after that we were good to go. The first few hundred meters were astonishing already. The sun was shining, nice mountains and a beautiful waterfall along the way. Our road was leading to Pórshöfn, a little town in the northeast of Iceland. We took the gravel roads, and first we had to go over the highest pass of Iceland. On top of the Hellisheiði the view was very nice. After the top the landscape began to change. There was some really greeny moss, the colour almost look like toxic or extraterrestrial or something. The moss was very green when is was next to water. There were like very little rivers everywhere. So the landscape was amazing. Along the way we did visit a nice waterfall, the Gljúfursá. In our travelbook I did read there also was a nice pool along the way, just across Vopnafjörður. The book told us it was worth visit it, so we did. It was an ordinairy blue pool, like a normal swimming pool, but the water was warmer, probably warmed up by vulcano activity. There was also a hottub and it was very nicely warm and sometimes we had to sit on the edge to cool of and we could enjoy the scenery at he same time. The next stop was the campsite we planned in Pórshöfn. It was a really nice unmanned campingsite. It was also part of the group of campsites that work with the campingcard. So we only had to pay the taxes around 1 euro. The rest of the day we used to organise our van. The system didn't really work. Also some time for Geert to check if the van was doing well. There was some minor stuff Geert did repair, but it was just for precaution.

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